ColorCode - advanced MasterMind game and solver.
Current version
The most current QT 5 version available for download is 0.8.7
The most current QT 4 version available for download is 0.7.2
ColorCode 0.8.7 released
  • Summary
    • CMake build option added, option for qmake still available
    • adjustments to get rid of deprecation warnings
November 20, 2023
ColorCode 0.8.5 released
  • Summary
    • first QT 5 version of ColorCode
    • adjustments to compile and run with QT 5
October 18, 2015
ColorCode 0.7.2 released
  • Summary
    • pause/resume a game
    • copy game numbers to clipboard
    • redesigned preferences dialog
    • some new settings options like cutomized table row highlight colors and the possibility to hide hundredth and tenth of seconds
    • some minor bug fixes
    • this is the latest QT 4 version of ColorCode
March 18, 2011
ColorCode 0.7.1 released
  • Summary
    • bookmark a game after the game has been finished (bug fix)
February 17, 2011
ColorCode 0.7.0 released
  • Summary
    • threads, game timer, game numbers, highscores, game lists
    • some refactoring and minor bug fixes
  • Threads
    • solver and timer got separate threads to keep the user interface responsive even under heavy load
  • Game Timer
    • takes and displays elapsed game time
  • Highscores
    • time and game setting will be taken into account
  • Game Numbers
    • this enables you to play the very same game at different computers at any time
  • Game Lists
    • dialog for highscores, favorites and previous games, you may select any of the games listed and play those again or you may start a game by arbitrary number input
  • Settings options
    • game lists and highscore related settings
    • if you're afraid to remember a game by number, you may hide the game number displayed at the bottom
    • you may hide the timer to keep calm ;-)
  • Translation
    • czech tarnslation updated - thanks to Pavel Fric
    • french tarnslation updated - thanks to Filippo Rusconi
    • added hungarian translation (unfinished yet) - thanks to Németh Gábor
    • added spanish translation (unfinished yet) - thanks to Marcos del Puerto García
February 16, 2011
ColorCode 0.6.1 released
  • Translation
    Added french translation - thanks to Filippo Rusconi.
    • February 16, 2010
ColorCode 0.6.0 released
  • Summary
    Second game mode (Computer vs. Human), preferences dialog for persistent settings, additional settings options
  • Preferences dialog
    • To examine all available settings options, a preferences dialog has been introduced.
    • The chosen preferences/settings are now persistent, so when starting the application, the last used settings are applied.
  • Settings options
    • New game mode: let your computer try to break your secret code
    • To get a fair chance you may select a weaker solver strength level for your computer opponent ;-)
    • Let an impartial part :-) of your computer determine the corresponding hints for the computer's guess. If checked, you only have to place your secret combination. Then the rest of the game runs automatically until the end.
    • To better watch your computer trying hard to break your code, you may define a timeout between the guesses.
    • Select letters or numbers as text indicators and - if convenient - do not use colors as indicators at all - but it's still ColorCode ;-)
  • Layout/Design
    Some minor changes and new buttons for the second game mode.
February 14, 2010
ColorCode 0.5.5 released
  • Summary
    Accessibility and usability improvements
  • Settings options
    • For the color sensitive of us ;-) the posibility to change the color order by drag and drop has been added.
      Press CTRL while dragging to flip two colors or CTRL+SHIFT to cyclic shift the color order.
      You can do this even while a game is running - the whole existing display will change.
    • New 'Reset Color Order' option in the settings menu to revert your changes.
    • Also - and more important - for the more text aimed a settings option has been added, to toggle the display of letter indicators for the different peg colors.
    • Make the documentations page accessible from the game's help menu.
  • Layout/Design
    Some minor changes.
October 31, 2009
ColorCode 0.5 released
  • Summary
    The number of columns in the game is now customizable. The column count can be any number from 2 untill 5.
    Updated translation files
  • Solver
    Changed how the solver determines the first guess. Also - for the following really calculated guesses - if the number of possibilities is very high (mostly at the early phase of a 10 colors/5 columns game) the solver will automatically fallback to a weaker algorithm until the number of possibilities has been narrowed, to reduce calculating time
  • Layout/Design
    Some minor changes to handle the variable number of columns. Added toolbar controls to enable the change of all level related settings here. The statusbar now permanently shows the current game's settings.
October 21, 2009
ColorCode 0.4 released
  • Summary
    The GUI has been changed completely and the Usability was improved by adding some keyboard shortcuts for often needed interactions.
    Added czech translation. Thanks to Pavel Fric.
  • Fixes
    To avoid those 'QGraphicsItem::ungrabMouse: not a mouse grabber' warnings emit the mouse event only if the hint button hasn't been disabled just before ...
  • License
    The License had been changed from the GPL v2 to GPL v3.
  • Layout/Design
    Complete Change, so all paint methods had to be changed and optimized. The background is now drawn by its own class, no more brushed metall background image anymore.
October 7, 2009
ColorCode 0.3 released
  • Summary
    Introduced a rather perfect MasterMind solver. It will watch any move you take and any hints you have gotten, so you can at any time in a running game let your computer guess for you. Of course you can change or discard it's suggestion :-) .
  • Solver
    The solver has 3 built in levels of stregth. For the suggestions, currently only the most powerfull is used. For the first guess it will use a reasonable random guess based on pre-calculated combinations to reduce computation time.
  • Layout/Design
    Make the solver's guess action accessible at the toolbar.
September 26, 2009
ColorCode 0.2 released
  • Summary
    Added 3 levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard) based on the possibility to change the available number of colors for a game. You can play games with 6, 8 or 10 colors.
  • Layout/Design
    Added a combo-box (select) control to the toolbar, to easily access the level (color count) settings. Enable hiding the menubar, toolbar and statusbar.
    Changed to a centered layout (message display and game board).
September 10, 2009
ColorCode 0.1 released
  • Summary
    This is the initial release of ColorCode, a free MasterMind clone. Try to guess a combination of 8 colors within at most 10 guesses.
    You may allow or not pegs of the same color. You can fill the rows by random or duplicate a previous one.
  • GUI
    English and German translations are available.
September 6, 2009
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