ColorCode - advanced MasterMind game and solver.

ColorCode should build on all operating systems / installations as long as the Qt 5.2+ or 4.3+ development libraries are available and installed.

It is known to build and run at Linux, Windows, MacOS X and even OS/2.

The Qt development libraries can be downloaded here. A free version released under the LGPL is available. But for almost all Linux distributions there are distribution packages available. Please check their repositories first.

For Windows also a precompiled package is available. In this case you don't need to have anything special installed. Simply download ColorCode and run the game.
Source Download (all OS)
QT 5.+
QT 4.+
Qt Development libraries and C++ compiler needed
Precompiled Package (Windows only)
Runs out of the box, no additional files needed
Distribution Packages (external download locations)
maybe there are more available, please check your distribution's repositories
Precompiled Packages (external download locations)

Installation Instructions:

For building and installation of the source package please read the INSTALL file included by this package.
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